Because We All Need to Sleep Sometime

Lavender soothes and heals skin. It’s also notoriously relaxing. Lavender in your morning shower helps you go into your day calm and centered, and a lavender bath before bed helps you fall asleep peacefully.

All things which we need.

So, I hunted down some lavender oil from France and a heap of dried lavender buds and cooked up a few soaps for you:

Lavender Castile

Castile soap only contains saponified olive oil and water. Here, I’ve added the French lavender oil and dried flowers.

I put a little lavender oil in my daughter’s bath last night, and now I just may call this soap “Sleepy Angel.”

Lavender & Lemon with Kaolin Clay

I wanted a soap with a scent that would help to focus and recharge. So I combined the relaxation of lavender with the brightness of lemon. It smells gorgeous – it’s the kind of thing I want to rub all over my body. 😉

And I actually added some kaolin clay to this blend. It’s a soft white powder that helps keep skin clear, so you can stop worrying about breakouts and depend on having smooth, clear skin.

And they’re coming soon.

These bars are still a little raw, so they’ll need to cure a few more weeks before they’ll be up for grabs. Look for them coming out soon!

Updated: out now! The Lavender Castile and the Lavender Lemon with Kaolin. Enjoy!

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