Skinny Soap…Ewww…

There’s a reason these bubbles are chubby. It’s because skinny soap sucks.

Today, you’ll get your basic tutorial as to why.

See, one of the results of the soap-making process is glycerin, which attracts healthy moisture to your skin, keeping it plump and smooth.

It’s SO good at keeping skin plump and smooth that it’s actually perfect for making lotions and moisturizing cream.

So commercial soap makers harvest it out of the soap and do just that. So that big-brand stuff you buy in a 6-pack is what we call skinny soap. Not exactly the most comfortable (or beautifying) experience, you know?

Homemade soapmakers, on the other hand, generally leave all the glycerin in the soap. Chubby Bubbles does…and adds shea butter to every recipe for a little something extra.

So remember, stay away from soap that works out at the Glycerin Gym. Use chubbier bubbles for scrubbing instead.

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