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Cocoa, Shea and Not Much Else

What do you usually rub against your body?

Well, other than your fluffy cat-friend and that Snuggi your mom gave you that you secretly love.

But seriously, mass-produced, store-bought soaps are really just chunks of cheap fat and chemicals. (Freshly scented as “blended synthetic aroma compound.”) And sorry, but you’re not a petri dish…

I’d rather wash like someone who lives closer to the earth. So that’s how I formulate Cocoa & Shea soaps. See for yourself what’s in them:

Pure water One oxygen, two hydrogen, vital for all known forms of life.
Olive oil Olea europaea, Homer’s “liquid gold,” richly moisturizing
Palm oil drawn from the fruit of the palm tree, loaded with vitamins E & A
Palm kernel oil extracted from the seed of the palm’s fruit, packed with healing fatty acids
Cocoa butter a wax ester extracted from the cacao bean, acts as a shield for skin
Shea butter butter drawn from the nut of the karite tree, a natural lotion
Essential oils extracted from plants, carries the plant’s distinctive scent, or essence

Occasionally, I’ll stumble on something naturally lovely like coconut milk or kaolin clay, and into the batch it will go.

And that’s all, folks.

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