The Geese Are Getting Fat

Christmas is coming.

Ladyloves and moms require gifts…maybe like these?

Refreshing Peppermint Spa Sack

Get Yours

Gift Box: Bath Tea, Salts and Soaps

Get Yours

Relaxing Lavender Spa-In-a-Sack

Get Yours

A few soothing answers to common worries:

Q. Will my gift arrive scratched, dented or otherwise ungiftable?

A. I am not a barbarian. Nor am I a cavemen. Hence, I use tissue paper to stabilize the items inside your gift box and bubble wrap to pad the outside. And I make the post office use that nifty “fragile” stamp.

Q. Will you wrap it for me?

A. If you like. I offer striped white paper with a colored bow (the bunny-ears kind, so it lies flat while shipping). It’s $2/package, so let me know what you need, and I’ll create a “wrap my gifts” listing for you in the shop.

Q. Can I switch an item in my box with something else from the Cocoa & Shea shop? LINK

A. Certainly, if they’re of comparable price. Add your switching request to the . Christmas puts me in a good mood, so I’d say your chances are good.

Q. Do you realize you’re putting the geese in danger of body dysmorphic disorder?

A. The geese like extra chub. They’re Hawaiians at heart.

Now go buy your gifts.

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