A Gentle Facial Peel From Your Fridge


If I feel icky, I often turn to the fridge. Now, honey and yogurt are delicious, but one can not eat ALL of one’s feelings. 😛

So instead, the other night, I added a splash of lime and they became a face mask. Once I rinsed it off, I realized it had lifted and softened just like a chemical peel, but SO much more gently.

Why These Ingredients?

Honey Honey is a humectant: it pulls moisture into your skin, keeping it supple and elastic. Plus, darker honeys have antioxidant properties that actually work to block UV damage.
Yogurt (Plain, of course.) Not only is it creamy and cool, yogurt’s rich zinc content clears up blemishes, it’s lactic acid smooths skin more gently than a chemical peel and it plumps up your skin with moisture.
Lime Lime’s enzymes gently lift dead skin layers, so when you wash it away, you have a brighter, softer finish.

The best part? The results – I couldn’t stop touching my face all evening; it was so soft.

I have a suspicion I’ll be testing this out as a body wrap soon. If you try it, let me know how it works for you!

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