Little Lassi Love

Too much sugar in juice and fake sweeteners kill the healthy bacteria in your gut…what’s a girl who shuns plain water supposed to drink?

This is perpetually a problem for Shea, whose little palate does not yet appreciate herbal teas. Our answer this week: mango lassi, an Indian drink of plain yogurt, frozen mangos & honey.


Here you have the entire process documented for your education and enjoyment, along with an exclusive interview with Shea:

“What’s your favorite, mango, yogurt or honey?”
“Honey, because I is a big girl.”

“Do you like helping Mommy mix the smoothies or do you like when Mommy mixes them?”
“Um, you mix them, because I a little baby.”

“And what do you like to do after you drink the smoothie?”
“Um, I play the music. In my monkey-in-a-box.”

There we have it. Healthy, easy, child-friendly.

And if you don’t want to involve a blender, try this mix: sparkling soda with a splash of pineapple juice. Can we say refreshing? Can we say low-calorie?

Yes, yes, we can.

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