Huts of Earth, Havens of Stone

primitive earthliving building
"The most primitive buildings are little more than a roof."

The tagline for this blog is “pursuing earthliving in the real world,” because that’s what we’re doing here. That’s why I write here and, to some extent, that’s why you read here.

Earth-living. Living off the earth, living within it. The earth’s good for the soul: its sloping hills, its green freshness, its granite stability.

But there are reasons we live in houses and not caves. Plumbing, for one. And privacy.

HOWEVER. A few visionaries have combined the best of the two. They’ve designed their domiciles to reflect the curves of the earth. I wanted to share them with you, so you can click any of the pictures to view the slideshow, A Pattern Language for Natural Homes by Christopher Alexander:

mosaic inlaid earthliving window
A "Zen view" is created with tiny windows: what you see depends on where you stand.
red earthliving building
Pathways, stairs and a grassy roof meld the house with the earth around it.
Doorframes are merely "thickenings of the fabric of the wall, made to protect the wall around the opening."
pools of light
Pools of light are used to create welcoming spaces.

Time to go smear mud on the walls. Little Sheakins should love this. 🙂

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