Grandma’s Chicken Soup


My Grandma is one of the best people I know. She lives 300 miles away, though, and the thought of that distance is a tiny black raincloud in our sparkly lives.

This week, though, that distance closed a bit. Grandma got a laptop! We can email, we can Skype, she can see this blog.

So we celebrated by making a pot of Grandma’s chicken soup, the kind that comforted me so often growing up. And though I’m not sure you can improve on such a classic, we used fresh, local pasta instead of the usual orzos, and it was amazing.





Hi, Gram! 🙂

1 thought on “Grandma’s Chicken Soup”

  1. Your chicken soup looks delicious…I’m sure it was every bit as good as mine, especially since you were able to share it with your darling daughter. I always had the company of my wonderful granddaughter to share mine with..Always the best when made with and shared with LOVE. <3GGM xxxxx

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