A Spring Cleanse for Foodies

While stringent veggie-smoothie cleanses are, we are sure, hugely beneficial, let’s face it. Some of us can’t get through a day without a carb. We like our healthy fats. And a liquid-veggie diet is just unappealing.

(I write this at the end of a day-long attempt to stick to fruits & vegetables. Who am I kidding? It ended in rye bread and chicken salad. I’m guessing some sort of chocolate is next on the list.)

And you know what? That’s not too bad. So I’m thinking, let’s adopt a long-term cleanse.

All things in moderation, yes?

It’s a lifestyle change, yes?

Yes. Here we go.

I’ve recently come across Soap Queen’s Hello to Health Blog Posts, and I say we adopt those ideas. Starting immediately, if not sooner, let’s do our very best to:

1.) Drink More Water

Yes, you’ll pee a lot. Yes, that’s GOOD. You’re flushing out toxins and salts and yes, fat.

You hear me?? Water flushes fat. DRINK IT.

2.) Don’t Drink Your CaloriesΒ 

Splash juice into water. Splash juice into club soda. Get used to them plain. Pick your poison, but pick one, because while one glass of juice a day is fine, for the most part, ramp it up to 3 glasses of juice a day, and you’ll pack on an extra 25 pounds a year.

I’m not kidding. If you currently drink 3 glasses of juice a day, cut it down to one and you’ll lose 25 pounds in the next year, with no other changes.

(But don’t dry up altogether. I’m not kidding. Drink that water.)

3.) Eat More Fiber

Okay, this has to do with flushing your system again.

Fiber literally scrub-brushes your intestines, cleaning out extra weight that’s stuck in there.

The key: add it in to your diet slowly, and keep it consistent.

4.) Walk More (or Dance!)

It’s the best exercise. Leo says so. And Leo knows.

It’s not too hard on joints, it’s not too exhausting that you can’t go back the next day for more, it gets the blood flowing, kicks your internal systems into gear and it tightens up the whole body.

Walk everywhere you can, even if you think you look silly parking at the end of the parking lot (though you are going to need to walk more than just that) or walking along a road with no sidewalk.

I guarantee, you’re not the only one doing it.

5.) Experience Community

It’s very easy in today’s world to shy away from real-life encounters with friends and family. “I’ll catch up on Facebook,” “I’m too tired,” “I have too much work to do,” “I don’t have time for that,”…okay, so these are all things I find myself saying on a daily basis.

It’s very seldom that I get social. When I do, I’m always far beyond glad that I did.

You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” – Winnie the Pooh

6.) Eat More Greens

It’s said that it was common for our ancient ancestors to eat up to six pounds of leaves per day.

Dark green leafy vegetables are packed with minerals and vitamins, plus phytonutrients that protect eyes and cells from deterioration.

Tip for greens: you’ll get the most nutrients if you eat them with a bit of fat, such as olive oil or full-fat salad dressing.

7.) Fresh Air and Sunshine

Getting a little fresh air and sunshine is not just for the kids.

You’re bigger. Therefore, you need more of it. I’m not kidding.

How to get fresh air and sunshine into your day? Days off. Find a haven. This is important. It is your homework assignment. Come back and comment where it is.

Make it somewhere you can go where you won’t feel self-conscious or uncomfortable where you can sit and read, sew, talk on the phone, chat with a friend, write, plan out to-do lists or grocery lists or meal plans, anything you want to do, in the sun. You’re only other option is to walk in it. And drink water in it. πŸ™‚

8.) Relax and Meditate

In Eat, Pray, Love, an adorable little medicine man named Ketut Liyer advises Elizabeth Gilbert on how to meditate:

Sit and smile. Even smile in your liver. Smile all the way through. Sit there and smile all the way through and see if that doesn’t work a little bit.

So find a pretty place to sit, or if you can’t, close your eyes. Either choose a positive thought to focus on (I recommend the lyrics to The Circle of Life πŸ˜› ) or try emptying your mind of all thoughts, which basically means focusing on the blackness behind your eyelids and whenever you find yourself already mid-thought, saying, “Oh! I’ll think about you later” and refocusing on the blackness).

There, friends, are my recommendations that, while you may already have heard hundreds of times, are good for you to hear again, just like eating broccoli again is only going to help you (unless you’ve just eaten a pound and a half of it, which I have, so excuse me while I go walk this off).

Now go drink some water. ❀

2 thoughts on “A Spring Cleanse for Foodies”

  1. Thanks for sharing – this is great stuff! πŸ™‚ I’ve also been focusing on “living in the moment” and stopping myself throughout the hectic day to fan the flame of gratitude by thanking the Creator and sharing kindness with my loves and strangers alike … breathing love in and out! ❀ Jill

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