Hydrangeatic Detoxification

A subversive, disturbing-yet-sweet friend we found at the hardware store.

It’s been quite a week, friends.

With the recent announcements of several close friends moving beyond driving distance, we’re a little shell-shocked. And we’re even more thankful that we get to connect with you all here and on Facebook (hook up with us there if you haven’t already!).

We’re also thankful for all the pretties we encountered this week. We hope you enjoy them, too!

local strawberries freshly picked by a daddy-daughter team

detoxifying skin toner (witch hazel, ginger, burdock root, milk thistle, tea tree and thyme. combine, let meld for 3 days, and strain under a full moon. okay, kidding about the moon.)

mommy-daughter footprints post-tubbie time

cinnamon and roasted blueberries (we call it the red, white and blueberry burger)

On this breezy, bright day, we wish you all good things.

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