Pink and Glittery Happy-Makers

Our salted caramel and whiskey truffles, finally packaged just right.

Heat wave or no, about 642 things made us happy this week. We ❤ summer and we're thankful for air conditioning, though Ms. Crunchy Betty makes a good point against it here, and we’re using it minimally.

We hope you’re all staying cool and that you enjoy these images of a very pink and glittery summertime.

Teaching K how the magic of blowing bubbles in her juice.

Our Kitchen-Aid on full blast making dozens of these coconut macaroons for a wedding.

Gardening, aka, digging in whatever dirt we can find. Also, planting whatever we can find, including flowers we’ve picked. They’re good for the earth, right?

Time with family, made even better by fresh Italian gelato.


Our finally perfected Pot de Joie lotion for ultra dry skin..

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