Age and Chub and Graying Hair and Cabbages and Kings

Mommy: “This is a post about how women are beautiful, even when they’re older, even when they don’t look like princesses.”

Kaili: “Yucky.” (And she absentmindedly tips a glass of water onto the table.) “This is a puddle for my hand.”

Yes, this is how we communicate.

For serious, though, it’s been going around on the web, this rumor that women can have cellulite and big shoulders and cross-bites and STILL BE PRETTY. It’s not as loud as the hundreds of advertising messages we see each day, but it’s there.

If you’ve ever thought there was something imperfect about you (just, you know, in case), you’ll want to read these:

A Love Letter: Dear Body of Mine
by Becca DeSouza of Exile Fertility

Excerpt: “three surprise pregnancies and i barely trust you for it but
i love you for it, and for them. the two that are with us now
look like you, people always say. i think they are beautiful and you care for them the best you can.”

Wrinkle, Wrinkle Little Star
by Crunchy Betty

Excerpt: “I’m not suggesting you don’t wear makeup or be feminine. I’m saying: What if you could embrace the unending course of nature and let yourself be yourself, without allowing anyone else to tell you how you’re unworthy? WHAT IF YOU ARE WORTHY RIGHT NOW – AND WORTHY 50 YEARS FROM NOW?”

Making A Beautiful Statement
by Steve Lipman of The Jewish Week

Excerpt: “A 78-year-old native of Romania who spent World War II in a Soviet detention camp, she is a grandmother and lives in a Haifa residence for fellow survivors.
She entered the competition, she said, to make a statement. “We’re all doing it to show that we’re still here.””

Even with the controversy of this last article, it makes my heart sing that beauty is being celebrated in more and more of its forms.

Kaili would like to wrap up this post by saying, “I love going to the park with you.” So if you’re ever in the Philly area, let’s go to the park and be beautiful together.

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