in celebration of community

a surprise midnight birthday cake

Little Shea-kins and I were blessed, this past weekend, to be able to pile into our car with pillows, presents and a finger-frosted cake (she’s 3, but she loves baking!) and drive up to a House wherein waited Family, Decorations and Laughter. We spent the weekend enjoying community, that vital part of life we never really appreciate ’til we’re a part of it.

rag dolls made by my sister

a story read with many silly voices and much cuddling

the garden where Grandmother Galopogas is growing herbs for our soap

catching up with my Boo

the best bedtime snack a little girl could wish for

hanging a huge mirror (that’s right, 80 pounds of glass, I’m the boss)

tripping home with a few of our favorite things

of course, locking ourselves out of the bedroom

and sleeping it all off

However you celebrate birthdays in your family, remember, it’s all about the love.

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