decluttering with intention

Cocoa and Shea is taking the month of August off. We’ll fill orders that come in through the shop, but that’s it.

Why? Because we’re tired and anxious, and there are better ways to be. We’ll keep pointing to other pure, natural happinesses you might love to discover on our Facebook page, so follow us there to hear about them.

What will we be doing with our extra time?

Well, I once heard a coworker say that the key to wellness was the trilogy of yoga, meditation and massage. So we’ll be pursuing those. They might come in the forms of meditating on butterflies while swinging at the playground, but done with the right intention and a clear mind, that’ll do.

We’ll also be uncluttering the physical side of life, emptying the apartment and car of anything extraneous, finding and creating spaces for anything we keep to live.

This first week, we spent our evenings reading (mostly Mickey Mouse and tales of the supernatural) and sleeping early. Recharged, we’ll turn our focus to the yoga, meditation, massage and decluttering.

And we’ll take those in whatever forms we can get. Therefore, please excuse me while I go ask little Sheasikins to march on my back.


“Lokah Samastah Sukhinoh Bhavantu. May all beings everywhere be happy and free. And may the thoughts and actions of our own lives contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all.”

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