we can’t help ourselves. now go enter to win!

Friends and comrades,

Though we’ve sworn solemnly on Strawberry
Shortcake to take the month of August off from all things soap, we had a recent development that we just have to need to MUST tell you about.

Crunchy Betty, one of our all-time favorite bloggers, is not only hosting an enormous giveaway of eco-conscious and natural beauty supplies, she’s got our stuff in there.

So we needed to tell you two things:

1. Welcome to new Cocoa and Shea-ers who found us through the giveaway! We’re happy to have you here. Feel free to leave a comment anytime – we love questions!

2. If you haven’t seen the Crunchy Betty blog yet, check it out here – I have a feeling you’re going to be enthralled.

3. Go enter, already!! Click here, follow the directions at the bottom and win the basket!

Now we’re really on vacation from the site, we swear. Can’t wait to show you all the pretties we’re assembling on September 1! See you then!

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