a simple face mask

wpid-IMAG0995.jpgI ran out of face wash last week.

I know some of you are thinking, so what? You have a house full of soapy stuff; can’t you just make your own?

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even think of this until Day 3. Honestly, I was seeing how long water and a clean cloth would take me, and it did take me that far.

But friends, sometimes our diets and our hormones get out of whack and our skin just craves a good, soapy scrubbing. You know what I mean, yes?

When I finally saw the light (ironically, in the darkness of 3 a.m.), I rummaged in my drawers for something fresh and soothing.

Out came the kaolin clay. It, as I’m fond of telling people, is the main ingredient in many face masks. Perfect.

But I wanted something fragrant, and maybe something that would do more than just empty my pores. So out came the lavender oil.

Mixed it with a bit of water, applied it and scrubbed it off a moment later. Fresh as a field of Lavandula augustafolia. 🙂

Here’s the recipe, in case you want to be a lavender petal, too:

Lavender Face Mask
4 tsp kaolin clay
3 drops lavender essential oil (really, don’t use more than that)
1 tbsp water

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