stone ground

“When we are not grounded we feel nervous, unable to focus or concentrate and overly sensitive to the energies around us. When we are grounded, we feel solidly connected to the present moment – peaceful, calm and relaxed.” – Carol Kinsman

grounding-stoneThis, friends, is my grounding stone.

Some people think certain rocks themselves balance our physical and mental energies. I don’t think that’s true, but I think we can, when we’re mentally reeling, use a stone or other object to comfort us.

I made my grounding stone last fall as part of a treatment program, without knowing the theory behind it. My mind would get to spinning out of control, and I’d grab the grounding stone and rub it.

It helped a little because it was cool, and solid and comforting in a way a chunk of clay and wood can be for a girl who loves to dig an the dirt and lay her cheek on a flat, warm rock.

It helped more because I knew my intention in using the stone was to calm down. I was thinking, “calm, breathe, calm, breathe…” and I calmed, breathed, calmed, breathed.

I’d chosen materials important to me for my stone:

earthy clay, gold mica, wood and lavender buds

They comfort me.

Now using the stone is habit, and it does ground me, because I’ve trained myself to be grounded by it.

(Whether this matches your beliefs or not, I have no intention of saying anyone’s perspective on grounding stones is wrong, just that this one is mine.)

We get swept away by our successes, our plans, our anger or our self-importance. We’re really so little in this teeming world of people, plans, perspectives and priorities. We get carried off so easily.

May we always find something to ground us.

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