And, We’re Back


It’s been almost exactly 1 year since I wrote the last Cocoa & Shea post.

A lot has happened.

If anyone’s still around , I’ll bring you up to speed with a 5-count:

1.) I’ve left my day job and am learning graphic design.

2.) Small Daughter is bigger now, still happy and as crazy a sweet little nut as ever.

3.) I’ll be posting about design and selling art that I design over at Warrior Princess In Training. It’s roots are different, but I’m switching focuses. It’s a very good thing.

4.) I’m very happy to be bringing back the 4 favorite Cocoa & Shea products: the Lavender Castile soap, the Sweet & Scratchy Goat soap (ground oats & pecans, honey & goats milk), the Chamomile Tea soap and the Pot de Joie whipped lotion. They’ve been requested several times and I’ve hated not being able to provide them. They’ll be in the shop.

5.) In addition, I’ll also be selling art prints that I design here, related to healthy, natural living, and, of course, soap.

Please send messages if you’re looking for any other products to come back; at the moment, I’m deciding based on requests.

Hugs and bubbles and it’s good to be back!




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