“Don’t Call It A Comeback”

So, the almost-most-recent post on here is about how “we are back.” I’m not going to say the same thing this time (many moons later), knowing how life goes (crazy!), but I am going to say that I’m starting to compile all my efforts in one place (this place) now.

Cocoa & Shea is a brand I’ve already built up a bit. All of you are a great audience, and I miss this. So, this brand is opening up to include different sides of me, different offerings for you. While I love earthy living and gourmet soap, I don’t want to be constrained by just that one channel of creativity.

Marketers can say what they will about finding a niche, but I fall in love with new art crafts every few months, and so my niche (hopefully you!) will be people who just love Gorgeous Things in general. That is my new tagline:

Making Things Beautiful

(It’s our new tagline if you include Kaili, who still loves to be part of anything creative as long as it’s pretty.)

kaili mommy coloring

These are the things I’ve been working on that I may (or may not) be incorporating here and offering on Etsy, and which I’d love to hear if you like (or not!):

The Gnome Folk

The Gnome Folk, which I was thinking of as a brand called Monkey Boots. Colorful and playful.

Word Pictures

Words pictures, which I was thinking of as a brand called Cabbage & Roses. Sort of poetry, nursery rhymes, and flowers.

Rose Silk Soap

rose silk soap
Rose silk soap, which is already part of Cocoa & Shea, just improved. I’ve been working on a video tutorial for this. I’ll post it once I sit down for about 30 hours with video editing software (…after I get a new computer!!)


Cyanotype, an old photography development technique, is kicking up in popularity under the name “sun prints.” I don’t just want to do the standard ferns & leaves sun prints, although those look just gorgeous. I’m trying to bring in more of our lives: our hometowns, our kids, our favorite things. I’ve been calling this project “Life in Cyanotype.”

At Any Rate

At any rate, I’m throwing some of these things up for sale soon, because they’re too good not to share.  I’ll let you know when everything is ready!!

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