The Magic of a Harry Potter Birthday Party

She gasped and gave an excited wiggle the first time she saw Hogwarts. She jumped up to cheer when Griffyndor won Quidditch. She’s feeling all the feels when Harry sees his parents in the Mirror of Erised.

Having escaped to the magical world often myself, I love sharing Harry Potter with my daughter. So when she wanted a Harry Potter-themed party for her 8th birthday, that was it.

My mom created the Hogwarts cake, my grandma made the Harry Potter decorations, and my sister helped run the magical activities. (And my poor fiance set up the chairs and ducked out of the way.)

It was a magical, Hogwarts-y blast of a party. The kids loved it. I loved it. My daughter loved it. Here it is:

The Activities

The Decorations

The Food

The Aftermath

I’d say the party was a success, because here’s what’s happening now:

  • My mother is ready to make a Hogwarts cake, Round 2
  • I’m signing up to be a vendor at the next local Harry Potter Festival
  • My daughter keeps picking up the Goblet of Fire to read herself (she’s 7)

Mischief managed. 😛 

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