daisy pumpkin autumn adobe color swatch

Adobe Capture and the Colors of Autumn

I just created a set of Adobe color swatches for autumn, and they are MUCH brighter than I thought they would be.

Fall colors are bold, yes, but I certainly thought the Sesame Street/Crayola/preschool hues assigned to autumn were cliche.

Surely nature is more muted and sophisticated? Surely I would be surprised at how many grays and browns and unexpected colors appear, just like when looking at a “blue” ocean?

So, I was not prepared for the results when I played around with Adobe Capture in the fall leaves today.

Bright. Bold. …Pink?

Bit about Adobe Capture: It’s a mobile app that makes it super simple to bring shapes and colors from the world around you directly into your design projects. Point your camera to instantly grab an array of colors you can save as a swatch right in your Library, or aim at an object for an instant Image Trace.

When I opened Capture today, I was walking the dog and happened to be pointing at a pile of half-dried leaves. I saw this:

Half Dried Leaves

Gorgeous, right? And where did that pink come from??

So the dog and I traipsed about the neighborhood, taking shot after shot. They’re all swatches in my Adobe Library now.

Bright! Joyful! So, so saturated. And so perfect. Even deeper and richer than Sesame Street.

If you’re interested in using any of the colors in an Adobe project, you can download the set of swatches right here:

download button bright cubes

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