Why Cocoa & Shea?

Rich plant oils. Clays. Milks. Botanicals. Essential oils. Natural pigments.

With  Cocoa & Shea, you get handmade, natural, artisan soaps.

Each soap you get from us is crafted by an ancient process that ensures the soap will nourish your skin, instead of drying it like store-bought soaps (cough – detergents – cough).

Plus, by shopping with  Cocoa & Shea, you support a small Pennsylvania soapery (a mama and a toddler, who’s tasks include scent selection and quality assurance testing. Naturally, she likes pink soaps best.)

What is in  Cocoa & Shea soap:

Shea butter from Ghana

Raw cocoa butter

Pure plant oils

Essential oils distilled from nature

Salt from the Dead Sea

What’s not in  Cocoa & Shea soap:





Anything else nasty. Seriously.

 One little note, if you please.

An unexpected run on a particular blend may cause us to run out of stock. If that happens, the blend will be unavailable for purchase on this site for a few weeks.

So if you can’t find something you’ve ordered before, email cocoaandshea@gmail.com, and I’ll let you know when it’s available again.


Everything is wrapped carefully in bubble wrap and shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Your soaps are packaged to arrive in pristine condition.

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