Leaf Fairy Cartoon Character

Just playing around with shadows and radial gradients in Adobe Illustrtor...  


Baby Harry Potter: Pencil to Vector

The illustration from Chapter 1 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) Stone is originally a black and white pencil drawing: Harry Potter baby: original sketch I'm practicing vector illustration and decided to recreate it:  


From mid-century pine to calm and uplifting

We were lucky enough to receive my grandfather's old Cedar Chest last year. It looked like this: While I love the capacity for storing stuffed animals and the cedar lining and, of course, the fact that it's a family piece, I just didn't find the oblong holes and yellow tone and decorative grooves to be...… Continue reading From mid-century pine to calm and uplifting

daisy pumpkin autumn adobe color swatch

Adobe Capture and the Colors of Autumn

I just created a set of Adobe color swatches for autumn, and they are MUCH brighter than I thought they would be. Fall colors are bold, yes, but I certainly thought the Sesame Street/Crayola/preschool hues assigned to autumn were cliche. Surely nature is more muted and sophisticated? Surely I would be surprised at how many… Continue reading Adobe Capture and the Colors of Autumn