A Very Merry UnBirthday Card!

I’ll own it. I’m bad at getting birthday cards out on time. My stepmother graciously celebrates ‘birthday month,’ insisting that I’m always on time, but I know better.

And I just have to own it. So I do, with this card I designed.

I just had a streak of orders for it come through on Zazzle and I’m excited, so I’m putting it out here as well.

In case you’re like me, and end up late a few birthdays a year, you may want to order a few (or more…) to keep in stock here. ย And have a very merry!



How to Make Natural Soap: A Beginner’s Guide

For years, I’ve been asked for a guide like this, and finally, here it is!

how to make soap cover ss
Click to download

If you want to try your hand at soapmaking, this is an excellent 101 guide (if I do say so myself) to creating your first batch.

(The first tutorial video inside stars Kaili (aka Shea); the rest are just my hands, but still very helpful, if not as cute!)

Please do download, make use of it and let me know what you think!



Well, we have been crafting like mad lately.

Kaili and I took one day this week to wrap up a bunch of projects. (Her dad might have fled the house for a few hours to escape from all of the drops of glue flying and scissor blades flashing around, but it was all done by the end of the day!)

Here’s what we got done:

Christmas snowflakes-it is July!
Christmas snowflakes – it is July!
A skirt for Kaili , made out of a petite jumpsuit
A skirt for Kaili , made out of a petite jumpsuit

stone ground

“When we are not grounded we feel nervous, unable to focus or concentrate and overly sensitive to the energies around us. When we are grounded, we feel solidly connected to the present moment – peaceful, calm and relaxed.” – Carol Kinsman

grounding-stoneThis, friends, is my grounding stone.

Some people think certain rocks themselves balance our physical and mental energies. I don’t think that’s true, but I think we can, when we’re mentally reeling, use a stone or other object to comfort us.

I made my grounding stone last fall as part of a treatment program, without knowing the theory behind it. My mind would get to spinning out of control, and I’d grab the grounding stone and rub it.

It helped a little because it was cool, and solid and comforting in a way a chunk of clay and wood can be for a girl who loves to dig an the dirt and lay her cheek on a flat, warm rock.

It helped more because I knew my intention in using the stone was to calm down. I was thinking, “calm, breathe, calm, breathe…” and I calmed, breathed, calmed, breathed.

I’d chosen materials important to me for my stone:

earthy clay, gold mica, wood and lavender buds

They comfort me.

Now using the stone is habit, and it does ground me, because I’ve trained myself to be grounded by it.

(Whether this matches your beliefs or not, I have no intention of saying anyone’s perspective on grounding stones is wrong, just that this one is mine.)

We get swept away by our successes, our plans, our anger or our self-importance. We’re really so little in this teeming world of people, plans, perspectives and priorities. We get carried off so easily.

May we always find something to ground us.

The Year Of The Baking Soda

Happy 2013!

It’s still January, so even though it’s late, we’re still going to wish a happy new year to you, and the best year you’ve ever had.

And on that note, we’ve been exploring ways to get more natural in our lives. (Mostly Amanda has, and Kaili just benefits from the culinary by-products.)

Those natural explorations have included experiments with baking soda, and we’ve been using it in 3 ways that really make us happy, so we wanted to share them with you. (Of course.)

Here they are, hope you like and please excuse the lack of artistry. ๐Ÿ˜›

For Glossy Shiny Locks

Scrub scalp and hair with baking soda, rinse with water and then vinegar. The lack of bubbles only means lack of sulfates, the vinegar smell doesn’t stay, and the result is sleek and clean.


For A Fresh WC

The…stale area around the base of the toilet can slowly get…offensive over time. Laying down baking soda, letting it absorb and then pouring vinegar over it sizzles out the grossness and leaves it lovely.


For Clean Cookie Sheets

You may already know this one, but if you don’t, it’s pretty good. Baking soda itself is helpful as an abrasive. Add lemon juice, and you’ve got a bright and shiny situation.


natural beauty

yes, we talk here about ways to use the earth’s ingredients to beautify/cleanse/relax/otherwise “improve” our lives. and that’s good, because it’s better than using harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances & dyes.

and yes, i’m writing this post with lower-case letters, because i’m feeling humbled.

Melissa from simply flaw-thentic fights the good fight for realistic body image with this bare-skin, down-to-skivvies video. real women, real bodies, real beauty.

that, friends, is natural beauty. and we all have it.

today, we celebrate it. and we thank Melissa.

Coming soon: a guide to all the ways you can use baking soda in your daily routine. You’ll be shocked and amazed at the money you can save (and plastic packaging you can avoid) with this simple white powder.

See you then!