DIY: Clay Potion Bottle Soap Dispensers (Harry Potter-inspired)

Row of jars for potions bottles
We have been on a bit of a Harry Potter kick lately! We are planning to vend at Chestnut Hill’s 2017 Harry Potter Festival and getting our wares ready early.

Nothing is more mystical in the Wizarding World then potions. They bewitch the mind, ensnare the senses, slay the bacteria…

At least they do when the potion is actually soap. And so, here is an easy tutorial for DIY Harry Potter-themed potion soap bottles, decorated with clay.

Step 1: Choose a small jar

Jar for Harry Potter potion soap bottle

Step 2: Use a three-quarter inch spade bit to drill a hole in the jar lid. Use this bit, hold it steady, and watch your perfect hole appear in less than 5 seconds – seriously!

Set 3: Create 3D accents out of polymer clay. This Sculpey clay is magical – easy to work with and takes color perfectly. Follow baking instructions – but if you want your pieces to curve around your jar, apply them with a bit of Elmers glue and bake the entire jar, clay and all.

 Step 4: Stamp the name of your potion into your clay. You can also paint the name on, but these vintage rubber stamps create a great effect. They settle into the clay cleanly and show up well after baking.

Step 5: Paint to your heart’s content. I highly recommend these paints for any metallic look you try to create. Their smooth shimmer creates a beautiful effect.

Don’t forget to seal everything to protect against chips and scratches: <a href="http://Bulk Buy: Plaid (2-Pack) Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe 8oz CS15059“>Martha Stewart’s Mod Podge creates a very hard surface that will protect your clay nicely. (It looks expensive, but that bottle will carry you through many projects!)

Step 6: Use epoxy or Superglue to attach a soap pump to the lid. I used this gorgeous soap pump for a classy look, but these black plastic pumps are a definite value buy.

Fill it with soap, screw it together, and you are ready to blast those doxies. I mean, germs.

Seriously, though, this is a great gift for anyone who loves Harry Potter or the Wizarding World. As such, it will be available in our Etsy shop soon!


Which Flower Are You?

soap and flowers quizOne of my favorite things to do with my sisters growing up was taking “quizzes” in Teen magazine. You’d answer the questions and find out a bit about how you stacked up in the Great Big World.

While blending oils to create scents, I’ve been noticing the subtle profiles of different flowers. They each seem to have their own personality. And I thought it would be fun for you to discover…

Your Floral Doppelganger (a little quiz)

What kind of jewelry do you wear?

a. A silver thumb ring.
b. I don’t.
c. Wooden prayer beads and sometimes, an awareness ribbon.
d. Maybe feather earrings, maybe silly bandz – something fun.
e. Pearls.

What does your room look like?

a. Perhaps it’s perpetually messy, but it’s a mess filled with music and art that reflect the turmoil of humanity.
b. The essentials. Everything I need and nothing more. And everything’s placed where it’ll be most functional.
c. Clean. Organized. A neat and comfortable retreat.
d. Bright, cheerful, with pictures of friends – though you’re not in it often; you’re usually out.
e. Gold accessories, dried flowers, fine linens and perfume. Plus, copies of Vogue stacked a mile high.

You’re shoe shopping, and you’ve got criteria. Your shoes have got to be:
a. Black.
b. Sturdy. Boots with a thick sole would be good.
c. Cruelty-free – no leather.
d. Bright red. Or maybe yellow.
e. Expensive. They’ll last that way.

Your Floral Profile

Mostly As: Lavender You’re quiet and introverted. Your humor is, perhaps, a bit dark. And just as stalks of lavender push up through the surrounding foliage, in a bad situation, you know how to rise above.

Mostly Bs: Cedarwood You’re strong. You’re stable. You’re perhaps understated, not a bit flashy, but you’re built to last.

Mostly Cs: Eucalyptus You have a soothing, healing nature. If a friend’s in trouble, you understand what they’re going through, and even better, you know just what to say.

Mostly Ds: Lemon Blossom You have a bright, bracing nature. You’re a big proponent of the unvarnished truth. You’re also the life of the party, and you’re great at cheering up a dismal crowd.

Mostly Es: Roses You’re classic, traditional. You opt for quality over quantity in absolutely everything. If you say you’ll do something, you can always be counted on to follow through – and usually early.

Now you know your flower twin! Tell your friends, and “like” this post so they can come take the quiz, too. 🙂

And lest I forget, here are your soap recommendations:

Lavender: Black Lavender Castile. Now a dark purple (new pics on the way).

Cedarwood: The Sweet ‘n’ Scratchy Goat, now with a faint woodsy scent.

Eucalyptus: Sea Bubbles. Refreshing (and soothing, with sea clay).

Lemon Blossom: Lemon & Lavender, fresh and bracing.

Roses: Silk ‘n’ Roses. Because it’s made with real tussah silk and essential rose oils.

Just a Bit About a Country Store

Once upon a time (about 10 years and four months ago), Cocoa met a boy at school.

He was a lovely boy with a lovely family (you can read about them here and here), and he became a friend of Cocoa’s family. He is especially admired by little Kaili Shea-kins.

Time went by, and the lovely boy took over management of his family’s country store. Cocoa and said boy decided that natural soap and country stores might, you know, complement each other. So they decided to test their theory.

And that, friends, is how our pretty soaps are going to be available very shortly at Vincent’s Country Store in Westminster, Massachusetts.


Earthliving: Lemon & Lavender

Wearing, washing, eating from the earth…

We can’t all nestle into log cabins with lakes at our doorsteps, but our caffeinated, media-saturated, plugged-in lives can probably use all the outdoors they can drag in through the doorway.

And so, a glimpse at two of my current favorite bits of nature:

raw soap & dried buds
runswithhonden's exquisite tea cakes
roasted lemon & thyme on white weathered timber
calm energy in a bar

(Get yours here.)