The Shoppe

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Salted Caramel & Whiskey Truffles Lemon-Floral Clay Soap Pot de Joie Whipped Lotion
Brown sugar caramel, sea salt, honey bourbon, fresh farm butter and cream enrobed in a sophisticated chocolate blend.

4 gold-wrapped truffles for $10

Brightly refined, like flowery sunshine, lemon and lavender oils impart calm energy. The lemon tones while butters & silk nourish.

4 oz. bar for $6

Rich & luxurious whipped body butter. Aka, my obsession with argan oil put to good use. If you have eczema or stubbornly dry skin, here’s your heaven in a little pot of joy.

9 oz. for $18

Buy them here. Buy it here. Buy it here.
goat milk soap
Sweet ‘n’ Scratchy Goat Soap Soap Sampler Grab Bag Chamomile Tea Soap
Soothing comfort in a bar with a light, nutty aroma. Ground oats & honey gently treat dry skin.

4 oz. bar for $6

20 oz. of soap bars, chunks and slabs, randomly selected from the overflow, for an extremely discounted price.

20 oz. for $12

Milky, soft and warm, with skin-soothing crushed chamomile buds steeped in the soap, stirred directly in and sprinkled on top.

4 oz. bar for $6

Buy them here. Buy one here. Buy it here.
Lavender Castile Soap Black & Tan: a Man Soap Silk ‘n’ Roses Soap
Gentle, pure artisan soap with pure French lavender oil: the creamiest soap you’ll ever use in your life.

4 oz. bar for $6

For gentlemen. Also for scoundrels. (Our favorite men are both.) Steady, deep and rich, with charcoal for a stripped-clean feel.

4 oz. bar for $6

A woodsy, floral scent and sprinkling of crushed rosebuds, egg yolk for protein enrichment, raw silk fibers for slip and clay to cleanse.

4 oz. bar for $6

If you have any questions, just let us know!

Cocoa & Shea


3 thoughts on “The Shoppe”

  1. Ms Cocoa you are amazing. I love the grandma’s chicken soup story. It
    warms my heart. I will be ordering this summer for the next Chrlistmas season. I know that my friends will love the soaps. I love you!!!!!!!!!! and
    Kaili too. Had a blast Saturday

  2. They all look beautiful and are very appealing. Ca
    n’t wait for my order to come. Want to try everything. Many thanks..GGM.

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