The Year Of The Baking Soda

Happy 2013!

It’s still January, so even though it’s late, we’re still going to wish a happy new year to you, and the best year you’ve ever had.

And on that note, we’ve been exploring ways to get more natural in our lives. (Mostly Amanda has, and Kaili just benefits from the culinary by-products.)

Those natural explorations have included experiments with baking soda, and we’ve been using it in 3 ways that really make us happy, so we wanted to share them with you. (Of course.)

Here they are, hope you like and please excuse the lack of artistry. 😛

For Glossy Shiny Locks

Scrub scalp and hair with baking soda, rinse with water and then vinegar. The lack of bubbles only means lack of sulfates, the vinegar smell doesn’t stay, and the result is sleek and clean.


For A Fresh WC

The…stale area around the base of the toilet can slowly get…offensive over time. Laying down baking soda, letting it absorb and then pouring vinegar over it sizzles out the grossness and leaves it lovely.


For Clean Cookie Sheets

You may already know this one, but if you don’t, it’s pretty good. Baking soda itself is helpful as an abrasive. Add lemon juice, and you’ve got a bright and shiny situation.


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